Sunday, September 28, 2014

First blog posting assignments for 2014-2015

For your first assignment, you have two different postings to write:

Post #1:

The first posting can be on any topic you like. You might want to write about what you look forward to doing in class or with your blog this year. You could share a favorite summer experience, or .... You get to pick the topic. The only requirement is that your post must include two elements:
  • At least one Creative Commons-licensed image that has meaning within the context of what you are writing about, with an appropriate credit hyperlink. For example, here's an image I found and liked about blogging:

Post #2:

The second post will focus on the poetry you are reading in class:
  • Write about how gender issues affect you today and how they differ from the experiences of your older relatives and from the experiences of the two poets. 
  • Once you have drafted your post, save your draft, and visit, and paste what you have written in your posting into the Create box to create a word cloud that displays some of the issues you wrote about relative to gender. Note that the terms that appear more frequently are displayed in larger size in the word cloud. 
  • Did the word cloud show you anything interesting about your experiences with gender issues you hadn't noted before? Which terms were most prominent? Why? Add the word cloud to your post and share this reflection. 
Here is an example of a word cloud on a different topic. This is one I created about blogging:


In addition, please write comments on at least three classmates' blogs for Posting 1 and three for posting 2 (a total of at least six comments). Remember that comments should always be positive, and offer meaningful content, such as a compliment, suggestion, or question. 

Welcome from Mrs. Lofton

Welcome to the class blog for Ms. Rossell's AP Spanish Literature/Language class. I am Mrs. Lofton, the Mira Costa High School Teacher Librarian, and I am delighted to be participating in the class blogging project with you. I started blogging about seven years ago, and I have found both writing my own blogs and reading other people's to be very rewarding and informative.

Check this blog regularly for class posting assignments and other information. We will also be adding links to each of the student blogs to this blog.