Friday, June 5, 2015

Reflecting on the 2014-2015 Year

Dear Students, 

In order to reflect on the 2014-2015 school year, please write a posting explaining how blogging has helped you grow towards being a lifelong learner this year.

Consider including these topics as you write:

  • How do you think you can apply what you have learned in the future?
  • Will you continue blogging in the future?
  • How have your entries changed this year as compared to last year?
  • What have been some of the obstacles?
  • How has reflecting on issues and doing self inventories  helped you work through problems?
  • Have you gone back and revised any of your postings and/or revised your blog design over the course of the year, and why?

Please write this entry in English. Why in English? ... to indulge Mrs. Lofton so she can better understand it!

Include at least one visual that is representative of your experiences. Don’t forget to confirm that your image is copyright friendly (Creative Commons, Public Domain, or one you took yourself) and includes credit.


Mrs. Lofton

Thursday, February 26, 2015

International Student Blogging Challenge!

There’s probably no better way for students to build a positive digital footprint they can be proud of than than through blogging. Blogging gives you the opportunity to practice informal writing, develop your personal writing voice, and to share with a global audience. You will also learn valuable digital citizenship and tech skills as you create and customize your blog and add text, images, videos, links.
To help you with your blogging skills and assure that your postings will be read by an international audience, consider participating in the semi-annual International Student Blogging Challenge. The next challenge starts March 1. Each week for 10 weeks, you will be given new tasks and challenges to complete in postings, commenting on other blogs, or working on your blog design and sidebar contents.
Sra Rossell's students who participate will receive a certificate of completion, be featured in the library, and receive extra credit. Do participate! Visit this link to get information and sign up. You can also contact me with any questions or for help.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Exploring Beauty and Aesthetics

For your next blog posting:
  • Explore the Google Cultural Institute and its Art Museum to find two paintings or other art images of a person or multiple people created by a Hispanic artist, one from a former time and another from modern times. (hint: Start your search with the term "Spanish," "Hispanic," or the name of a Spanish-speaking country. Check the 
  • Share both of these images in your posting, including the link to the source. 
  • Here is an example of how to site your source: 
Here is a 2010 photograph by Fernando Maquieira from Madrid in the Fundación MAPFR in London:

Image Link
  • Share your thoughts on what each artist was trying to convey about the beauty or lack of beauty, of the subject(s), both deep and superficial. Also compare the two images and share how you believe they reflect the views of beauty and aesthetics of their time and culture. You can draw on your own knowledge of contemporary times and culture, but cite at least one research source to support your discussion of the culture for previous cultures and times.
Some sources for information about older cultures:

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mystery Hangout!

On February 3, our class is going to participate in a "Mystery Hangout"! We will be using Google+ Hangouts on Air to meet with another class somewhere in the world. During the visit, each class will try to guess where the other class is located (what city) by asking a series of questions. All questions must be ones that can be answered with a "yes" or "no." After the first 20-25 minutes, each class will also offer clues if the places haven't yet been identified. Also, once you guess the other class's location and vice versa, you will have a chance to share something about your class, school, and blogs, and invite the other class members to read and comment on your blogs. 

Here are some examples of Mystery Hangouts:
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Some question ideas from "Mrs. Morgan's Superstars" blog:

Possible Mystery Skype Questions:
1. Is your continent in the Eastern/Western Hemisphere?
2. Is your continent in the Northern/Southern Hemisphere?
3. Is your continent near the Atlantic/Pacific/Indian/Arctic Ocean?
4. Is your continent N. America/S. America/Africa/Europe/Asia/Australia/Antarctica?
5. Is it a big/small country?
6. Do you speak English/Spanish as a first language?
7. Is it very hot in summer and cold in winter?
8. Is it north/south/east/west of………..?
9. Does your country border another country?
8. Are there mountains in your country?
9. Does your country have a coastline?
10. Is ………………….the capital of your country?
11. Does your state/province border?
12. Is your country/state/province north/south/east/west of?
13. Is your city in the north/south/east/west of your country/state/province?
14. Is your city the capital of your country/state/province?
Don't start off with questions that are too specific, such as "Are you in California?" or "Are you in Mexico?" Start with more general questions, then move to more specific.
Some rules:
  • Speak in Spanish
  • Ask only yes/no questions
  • Don't wear clothes that identify where we are
  • Don't give away gratuitous clues
  • Don't have cross conversations
  • Don't ask Mrs. Lofton or Sra Rossell for clues
  • Always be polite

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Social Media in Different Countries

Choose a Spanish-speaking country and analyze the state of social media there, any major political movements or changes it has been used for there, and the reasons for it. Share your personal views about whether social media has benefited the country.

For information, visit social media sites and search for postings about your chosen country. Also, use research sources to read about social media in your country.

Los Angeles Times Website Opinion Section

Pages 24-25 in Temas also provide some information.

Create a simple infographic that depicts information about social media in your country of choice. You may also want to compare the data to the United States. Here are some tools you can use to create your infographic:

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Social Media

Choose one or more social media you believe to be of value (such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Instagram) and argue for the value of it. Share your own arguments for its educational, political, and/or social value, and give at least one specific example of its positive use. If you have good examples to show of your own personal use of a social media tool, link to it. 

Find and link to a good-quality article (blog posting, news media, journal) that also supports its use with good arguments, and summarize those arguments.

Also consider sharing problems with social media and how it can be used in a negative way.

Here are some sources you can use to find articles:

Include at least one graphic that symbolizes your social media, making sure that it is Creative Commons-licenses and properly credited.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

La Llorona Posting Assignment

Image created on with photo image permission granted by Canva

For this assignment:

  • Briefly explain who La Llorona is and how she has become an allegorical figure
  • Identify one work from cinema, music, poetry, advertising, or other media in which La Llorona appears and explain how her role as an allegorical figure is developed in that example. Create a hyperlink to an online site showing or describing this work.
  • Comment on at least three classmates' blog postings.